Monday, March 26, 2012

freelance discipline

Freelance Freedom is one of my all time favorite comics. No matter how crazy I think my life is I can always find a FF strip that proves I am not alone or completely insane. 

This weekend was no different. At 4:30 on Friday I accepted just a small make a logo job. Easy enough right? Well, at 5:00 on Friday I was ready to head home and spend time with the boy telling myself I would work on the logo after I put the boy to bed. Instead, I treated myself to a random movie on television because I had worked so hard all week. Telling myself I could work on the logo over the weekend. That didn't happen either. My husband and I had worked the past two or three weekends in a row and we spent some much needed time together. Meaning we spent time together on a gardening project and cleaning the house.

When you work a day job and have a life/family, freelancing on the side takes a lot of discipline. You have to weight in the time and effort against the payoff and no lie to yourself on your timelines, I knew I would be working on this logo Monday morning all along.

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