Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a tall thanks

Things are about to change. After much thought and wishing we had done it years ago my husband is going back to school. For our first two years of marriage he supported me while I freelanced and now, five years later, it  is my time to support him in this career change. Apart from the craziness of student loans and being the old man in the class we are ready — we think. 

A huge help in this has been my husbands parents. Who in August are taking on babysitting baby boy full-time. I think it helps that baby boy is a complete clone of my husband and the parents get to relive the little years but I am so grateful for their time. So I wanted to create a print to show them. Grandpa's favorite animal has always been giraffes and is very tall in baby boys eyes.

You can find this print in my etsy shop.

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