Tuesday, March 20, 2012

extra credit

Did my love of extra credit in grade school transfer into my adulthood as extra work on my plate? I have a lot of side projects going on right now. Maybe it is the new spring air giving me false hope and energy that I may not truly have. Although, I really cant since I did it to myself. I am happy to jump at any opportunity to be creative and love to see how one great project can roll into two or three. And with some of my projects I am able to learn new tricks and keep up on trends, which does not always happen in my 9-5 or 8:30-6:00 on a good day.

So to keep myself organized or to get a sense of accomplishment or just to show off all my projects I am starting a weekly post of my Extra Credit.

This Week

• Finished a wedding invitation order – This was a big win in my book. I usually only do the design/layout and leave the printing for the bride but for this job I did it all. I designed invitations, rsvp and direction cards, purchased paper and envelopes, printed, cut, glued and stuffed. I was very happy to get this one off my plate.

Big Bark – This is an online community that my sister-in-law and I are building. We are only two weeks in but things are moving very fast and I have to trouble shoot everyday because of the number of dogs that are joining. This is still a work in progress with a whole list of items that still need designed and produced.

Etsy – Yes, like everyone else, I have an etsy shop which has been picking up also.

Minted – This is one credit that keeps me on my toes. I have challenged myself and a co-worker to submit at least one design for each challenge.

• Extra special birthday invitations for an extra special niece.

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