Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Media Placement

I must confess – I watched Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory last night.

Now that I got that off my chest lets talk about media placement. Yes I know that the episode was about Rob kickflipping the Chevy Sonic and it created an amazing spot. I loved it. But please tell me why we had to see the same spot or hear the same song every break. Half way through the episode I turned it off because I could not take "We Are Young" by Fun one more time. And I knew how it would end because the spot had shown me five million times.

So to my point. Does the concept of drilling your idea or product over and over again really work or does it just annoy the crap out of consumers. I know the cost of these ads can range into the millions and you want to get your moneys worth. But change it up. Add some subtle change or hidden novelty to make viewers want to catch it the next time it is on. Is that so hard to ask?

Because I think this spot was beautifully put together here is the link.

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